Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Still Here

I had hoped to update this blog on a regular basis. However, a volatile work schedule, combined with moving my wife and family to a new city and training for the Grand Canyon R3, has depleted my free time. I leave tonight for the Big Hole and will return on Sunday with many stories to tell. See you soon.

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derek said...

Hey Funkylegs! I'm glad to see you are still active on the net. But what a year of changes! Hang in there.

I am going to toss up your tune clips and free tunes onto the YMO RARE server in the 'Members_Music' folder. But I want to let folks know how to contact you to get the first two albums. The web store on the site is NOT working. In fact, I want the first two albums myself! So nice.

I tried your past email addresses and they bounced. So could you toss me privately your current address? I recently cleaned out members with bouncing email addresses from the YMO RARE membership list, so I expect I cleaned you out in the process. I would be most happy to restore your membership.

In any case, please keep in touch bud!