Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blog Enhancements

I’ve slowly been making enhancements to the blog after getting ideas from other sites and soliciting feedback from various bloggers whom are bit more internet savvy than I. You’ll notice that the following updates have been made:
  • You can now post a comment anonymously. I had originally selected that a blogger account is required to post here, but I feel that it detracts from the free-form feel I’m trying to achieve with this blog. All you John or Jane Does are now free to post without giving up any personal information. But I encourage you to use your name in your comments so I know who you are.
  • I’ve added my proposed race schedule for 2008 in the sidebar. Hopefully we share a least one race this year. If you’ve never met me, I’m the lanky 6’ 3” dude with shoulder-length blonde hair, probably fiddling with his iPod. I tend to have the blinders on during a race but am always interested in meeting people.
  • Subscribe to this blog through Feedblitz (also in the sidebar). I found that this is a great way to get my posts in your email inbox. My mom reads my blog and has no idea what a RSS feed is, so all she has to do now is enter her email into the little box ‘dere, and voila, she’ll never miss a post! I do encourage Feedblitzers to continue to visit the site, however, and post comments.
NOTE: If you’ve noticed, each of the photos on my blog have a caption that can be seen if you hover your mouse over it. I would ultimately like to have these captions directly beneath each photo, but this only works if you have every photo centered on the page. As far as I know, to place captions beneath photos that are right- or left-justified requires creating a table using HTML, which is beyond my expertise. I’ve sent feedback to blogger.com, but would welcome any quick fixes in the meantime.

I have a few more items to add, including links to products I use and endorse and a list of links to other blogs and various interesting sites.

I realize this is one of thousands of blogs fighting for your readership. Help make this grow! Introduce TFC to your friends and family! Link to this site!

1 comment:

Dave T Butler said...


Like your race schedule, sidebar-style. I may be stealing that idea for my site. As for your race schedule - ambitious!!! Enjoy it and good luck. I'm getting over a nasty flu/bronchitis thing, so I may or may not be up for the Screamin' Snowman in a couple weeks. We shall see.