Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Merry Giftness

Pardon the delay in posting here. We recently returned from a snowy Christmas in Wisconsin, and there simply wasn’t any time to gather one’s thoughts. I’ve since been gently reinserted into my daily routine and am ready to unfurl my wealth of observationisms to anyone who cares to listen. Every year, I witness the seasonal travesties foisted upon us (thanks Dave, for the grammatical inspiration!) with no regard to tradition. It seems a guy is worthless if he doesn’t surprise his mate with a Lexus and jewelry for Christmas. Colorado is already sick with car commercials and 'he bought it @ Jared' tripe; the current crop only exacerbates the perception that we are less than standard if we’re not driving the latest SUV or wearing our perceived wealth on our wrists. Since when does the birth of Jesus = gems and wheels?

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