Friday, June 20, 2008

Benchwarmin' It @ Mt. Evans

I must’ve been overly optimistic when compiling this year’s race calendar, scheduling a 14.5-mile road race to the top of a 14’er, two weeks after a 100K. Real smart. Last Sunday I did an out-n-back test run of about 7 miles from the Mt. Evans toll gate to the Upper Goliath parking lot, which was enough to warn me that I wasn’t ready for the ascent. Instead, I contacted the race director and volunteered for the event, so tomorrow I’ll be shuttling runners back from the top in my father-in-law’s wood-paneled Plymouth Voyager. Sweet.

Getting involved in a race as a non-competitor will be a welcome change, as I’ll get to see Matt Carpenter, Lisa Goldsmith and several other mountain goats in action. Plus, I’ll be able to take more pictures this time.

One confused mountain goat


David Ray said...

Beautiful pic. What's up with the leg? Anything nagging since the Kettle race?

funkylegs said...

Hey Dave,

Still nursing the knee, but otherwise fine. Hope your summer is starting off great!



David Ray said...

Seems like it's been summer for two months already here. Heat, humidity, and more heat, that's what we like. :)