Friday, June 6, 2008

Webcast from Kettle Moraine 100

In my last-minute preparations for tomorrow's 100K, I discovered that the race committee is providing a live web feed with current standings, checkpoint updates, blog entries, even photo galleries! With a forecast high of 88 and humidity around 85%, you can watch me crash and burn in real time!

This year's 100-miler sets 2007 winner Mark Tanaka against runner-up Joe Kulak. I can't make any predictions on that one. However, I'm fairly confident that the overall winner of the 100K will be Whitewater's Christine Crawford, who placed fourth overall in the 100-miler last year. She had a 100K split time of 10:50:50, much faster than my own estimated finishing time of 11:30. Last year's 100K winner Kevin Setnes (9:56:08) hasn't shown up on the entrants list, but he may be an unpublished entry. After all, he did create this race.

As I sit here sweating at the desk of my parents' computer, I wonder how my desert-tuned body will handle this soggy air. I guess the webcast will let you know before my race report will. See you on the other side. (Hmmm, the town's tornado alarm just sounded. Interesting.)

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